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*                 TATTOO CONVENTIONS                  *

*                                                     *

*  CyberTattoo      - the digital engraving machine   *

*       *


>       >saturday the 23rd of november

        > 20.00 INFO-SPHERE

                prosumer's kit II

                   (->tattoo parlour/ ->digital tattooing machine)

                represento kit

                   (->tattoovideo 'REAL LIFE')

        > 21.00 SOCIO-SPHERE

                   (->bar/ ->djing/ ->animated tattoos)


#for the longest time tattoos have been taboos. the ex-prisoner from next door, the conveyor belt worker in the subway. daggers, snakes, mary; don't look to carefully. "after 1900 it receded" ponders the dictionary, but suddenly "it" slips into youth culture of the 90s between virtuality and video: in shampoo planet tyler scribbles over his knuckles with a ball pen, meanwhile bjork picks up the needle. the little colour pics made their way through chili videos (not to mention henry rollins) all the way into tango spots and talk show inserts: "norbert slominsky (32): 39 tattoos in 32 years of life."

#... and cyber culture: "this painter. real classical. bio-mech. lowell's got this giger back-piece. it's like this city. shaded black-work" (virtual light). bio-mech: measuring the CyberTattoo machine with a time axis: from the biological to the mechanical to electricity to the digital into the net. and vice versa. - subject position or machine perspective. gibson's neuromancer matrix suddenly materialises on the mechanical end of the plotter into exhibitionable truth.

#cybernetic tattooing - the mythology of travelling the sea as u.s. american epics: mayflower, boston tea party, philadelphia experiment, netscape navigator 3.0: the essential historical events of the new world happen under the heading of navigational techniques. whereas harbours used to be the plug-ins for the storage medium body, today the tattoo gifs are being culturally interchanged at #tattoopics. that's how one imagines it. deriving from information emerging from pictures up to picture emerging from information. the metaphor of the netscape stirring wheel is worth java gold at CyberTattoo.

#here and now, luxus cont.: the end user does not need to run off to st.pauli harbour to get a new engraving; what s/he wants are new interfaces and periphery. CyberTattoo delivers both free: when you can browse an update, browse an application, browse a myth, why not browse a tattoo?

#CyberTattoo has to be perceived as the ultimate comfort zone for the critical net user. telematic face lifts and beauty operations, work of body artists like orlan and stelarc are crashing on-line these days. wipe that 1000 master pieces off your face. CyberTattoo promises shanghaied eternity.

#soon they want to include the eff blue ribbon in their collection of motifs. you never know... the mechanical dog from fahrenheit 451 - the new age and the freedom of writing... . one has experience with subject free notes: rilke's "ur-sound" - the scratching of the needle on the skull in order to dwell in nature's sound. "data are murderers". the enacted kittler quote goes under your skin. funnily enough tattooing is not mentioned with the theoretical master minds. art and literature are questioned first. inscribing processes of the first rate - 'strafkolonie' and the pit and the pendulum have already yesterday been kool killer. or don't you think kafka would buy his modem tomorrow?

#p.s.: "tattoo to sender": "... originally common with sailors, up to the 16th century mainly christian symbols, to identify drowned sailors as christians ..." ... have fun surfing ...



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